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Situated at the pinnacle of the energetic spectrum, the crown chakra reigns supreme, a realm of utmost subtlety and ethereal essence. It stands as the conduit to the Universe, a sanctum where higher selves converge, spirituality thrives, and consciousness flourishes. Sahasrara, its name echoing "1,000 petaled," finds symbolic representation in the grandeur of the Lotus with its multitude of petals – a sacred emblem of purity, enlightenment, rejuvenation, and rebirth. In certain traditions, this awakening mirrors the attainment of Nirvana or Enlightenment, a zenith where Sahasrara dwells. Positioned atop or delicately hovering just above the head's crest, it beckons us to a plane of profound thought, encapsulating serenity, presence, and profound knowing.

Enter Sahasrara vegan soap, a fusion of purification and protection. Crafted with a tapestry of potent botanicals, it embarks on a mission of holistic recovery – not just of the physical, but the mental and emotional realms as well. This blend radiates the vibrant essence of healing powerhouses, guiding you toward revitalization and expansion. Its purpose is to carve out stillness, to clear away the unnecessary, thus creating an open expanse for the authentic purpose to emerge, much like the blossoming of a Lotus.

The regal purple hue of Sahasrara vegan soap derives its elegance from the Alkanet root. An antibacterial agent, this root nurtures the skin, imbuing it with soothing qualities. The blend's essential oils stand united, each with its unique offerings – enhancing skin health, combating hair loss, and manifesting aromatic delight.

Sahasrara essential oil blend is a 100% therapeutic essential oil blend of:

Tea Tree - An elixir of healing for both body and mind, Tea Tree extends a balm for emotional wounds and shock. It offers not only relaxation but also bestows strength, purity, and focus, akin to a cleansing tide.

Pine - A steadfast warrior against nervous tension, exhaustion, and the tribulations of stress.

Benzoin - Evoking euphoria with its balsamic resonance reminiscent of vanilla, Benzoin's warmth and comfort become an embrace. It deftly dispels negativity and finds its place as a beloved tool for clearing. A hidden gem, it finds use as a fixative in fragrances.

Frankincense - A cornerstone of prayer and meditation, Frankincense holds the power to slow and deepen the breath, offering solace against stress and anxiety.

This Sahasrara chakra blend is your key, available as a vegan soap and a pre-diluted essential oil roll-on, inviting you to partake in its harmonious dance. For an intensified experience, embrace the companionship of the Sahasrara essential oil roll-on, a union that promises even more transformative possibilities.


Water. Coconut Oil*. Sunflower Oil*, Shea Butter*, Olive Oil*, Sodium Hydroxide, Sal Butter, Hemp seed Oil* Alkanet root powder, Kaolin Clay, Essential Oil Blend of: Tea Tree*, Pine*, Benzoin, Frankincense


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Damballa, Papa Legba, Marie Laveau, Maman Brigitte, Baron Samedi, Ezrulie, Simbi Anpaka


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