Whether you're skin is a little parched, you wanna vibe with some essential oils, or your feeling dirty, we got your back!

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Each product is designed and crafted by me, a certified professional aromatherapist and LMT.

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Voodoo Lather

Meet V is For Voodoo's line of Loa inspired, cold processed, exfoliating, sustainable, cruelty free, all natural vegan soap. We use magical ingredients and make magical products.

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100% Therapeutic Grade

Voodoo Essence

Meet the most concentrated for of my Loa blends. With Voodoo Essences you choose your adventure with the loa. Use in a diffuser or to dress a candle neat. Blend with a carrier for a massage oil or bath. With Voodoo Essences your imagination is the only limit.

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Voodoo Goo

Meet V is For Voodoo's line of plant based all natural salves. These botanical salves are hydrating, nourishing, sustainable, chemical and cruelty free.

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Herbal Goodness

Tattoo Juju

Tattoo Juju tattoo is our most badass healing salve. Packed with vitamins, anti-inflammatories, the most powerfully healing plants and essential oils nature offers, this tattoo aftercare salve won't let you down. The texture is smooth, and easy to apply.

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10% Dillution

Voodoo Aromatic

Ready to wear, and convenient to carry, take the power of these loa blends with you wherever you go with Voodoo Aromatic essential oil roll-ons.

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The Perfect Gift

Gris- Gris Bag

Give the gift of magic with our gris-gris bag gift sets. Customize your perfect gift for you or your loved ones. Choose from petite, regular, or jumbo!



* Plant Based and All-natural

Fragranced exclusively with 100% essential oil blends

* Sustainably manufactured and packaged

* Cruelty free

* Handcrafted in the USA


* Harsh Chemicals

*  Parabens, phthalates, and SLS's


*Palm Oil 


So what's with the Voodoo thing?

Vodou is a religion whose roots come from Africa. In the Americas, Vodou is a combination of various African, Catholic and Native American traditions. Today, there are practitioners of Vodou all around the world.

Voodoo is an oral tradition. It has no scripture or central dogma. Therefore, it's doctrine and believes are very fluid. Vodou has adopted beliefs that it has encountered on its journey across the ocean and around the world. At it's heart, however, Vodou centers around community and service. Vodou always values individual experience, empowerment and responsibility.

Let's talk Loas!

Loas (also spelled Lwa) are the spirits of Vodou. Everything in Vodou has a spirit. There are over 1,000 loas. The loa are powerful forces in the universe, and they serve as an intermediary between us and the supreme creator, much like the Catholic saints. Ceremonies are performed in Vodou to facilitate a connection and relationship bewteen practitioners and the loa. 

Loas can be powerful allies in life. They connect us to our ancestors and can lead us to our ultimate purpose. Each loa has his or her own distinct personality, likes, and dislikes. Each one has their own ceremony rites and music.


How do all natural body products and Loas meet?

Follow me here. Loas speak to us on a deep and meaningful subconcious level. They illustrate the universal archetypes that fall into our collective unconscious. We have aromatic plants that give us scent. Scent is the number one sense tied to memory. Scent and the plants they come from also communicate to us on a very deep and meaningful sunconcious level. To me, smashing the two together to deeply communicate universal truth is very empowering. Plus, loas are amazing and the combination was a badass product. So . . .why not? Make sense? Anyone? Just me? 

I would also like to bring attention to Vodou as a religion. It is a rich and wonderful tradition that has been demonized in popular culture. Pop culture? Hell this demonization began during slavery when the African religions were deemed illegal. Fear was sown around anything to do with African culture. This fear heightened in the late 1700's as news about the Haitian Revolution began to arrive in the States. Unfortunately, this unfounded fear continues to this day.

The reality is practitioners of Vodou are extremely service and community driven. Protection and blessing to uplift the community are vital New Orleans Vodou. Practitioners believe that you get back what you put forward. Practitioners do a lot of good in their communities. Vodou is a  tradition that should be celebrated, not feared. The more you know.


Magical ingredients create magical products! Try V is For Voodoo all natural body products. Sustainable products for everyday magic!

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Healing Salve (7)
Essential Oil Roll-on
Voodoo Essences (2)
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