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Essential Oils on the Go

Our new travel essential oil blends are everything you need to upgrade your travel experience. Just add a few drops to an essential oil car diffuser, or your air vents and let the plants do all the work!

Essential Oil blends for all your travel and commuting needs:

Traffic Jam- Ever find yourself grinding your teeth in rush hour? This relaxing blend eases tension, but is not sedative. It is also designed to spur creativity. Instead of stressing out during rush hour why not come up with an idea for your next novel? Lavender, bergamot, benzoin, grapefruit, and clary sage combine to keep you calm and cool, even during rush hour. Now the savvy amongst you see this is our Svadhisthana, sacral chakra, blend.

Busy Day- Ever have one of those days with so many things to do you just feel totally scattered? Ever need some help just remaining focused enough to get it all done? This is the blend for you. Lemongrass, basil, fir, clary sage, and frankincense keep you focused and on task even on the busiest days. Yes, our Papa Legba blend is the choice for a busy day. Lemongrass is the number one oil to aid with focus and clarity.

Long Haul- Whether your day includes a long haul drive, or the day itself is just a long haul this is the blend for you. Energizing, balancing, and soothing. This is also an awesome blend to soothe those who experience car sickness. Peppermint, niaouli, lavender, myrrh will help keep you alert on the longest of road trips and throughout the longest of days. This is our Vishuddha blend.

Happy Days- Do you ever just need to manifest a really good day? Lavender, lemongrass, bergamot, myrrh, clove, cassia come together to help you manifest that damn good day. Calming, uplifting, and totally supportive this is the happiest, most uplifting blend in the line. Yes, this is our Marie Laveau blend in travel form. She is sure to be an asset for those times you just need a wonderful day.

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Happy days, Long Haul, Busy Day, Traffic Jam


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