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Trees and protection are the inspiration of Simbi Anpaka Lather. His powers as a healer and herbalist are the heart of this blend. Most of the oils used in this blend come from trees. Simbi Anpaka loves trees so very much! Only an essential oil blend that is powerfully protective could represent him. This blend meets that challenge.

Crisp, green, and fresh this esential oil blend is sure to please those that love the outdoors. Hikers, campers, and all who suffer from wanderlust will find peace with this blend. 

The plants used in this blend are good for clearing negativity. The scent of Simbi Anpaka vegan soap is very clean, yet soft. It is a very green scent and leans towards the masculine. The blend sits on a base of Benzoin. Benzoin has a warm, vanilla like scent. Above that sits pine, eucalyptus, niaouli, hyssop, and juniper. This combination speaks of trees and the outdoors. I did mention Simbi Anpaka likes trees. Right? In the middle the warm ginger holds everything together. This lather provides a very cooling and refreshing feeling. All together, these essential oils form a powerful purifying potion.

Simbi Anpaka Lather contains coffee as his exfoliant. Coffee polishes skin and removes dead skin cells. Coffee is also a good offering to Simbi Anpaka. Additionally, the soap contains kaolin clay. This acts as a light exfoliating and balancing agent. Kaolin clay also helps to preserve scent in soaps.

Simbi Anpaka is good for all skin types. It is especially a great choice for use on oily skin. Simbi Anpaka Lather is also a solid choice for lovers of the outdoors. Pair with Simbi Anpaka Aromatic for even more potency. 


Water, Coconut Oil*, Sunflower Oil*, Shea Butter*, Olive Oil*, Sodium Hydroxide, Sal Butter, Hemp seed Oil* Kaolin Clay, Coffee Essential Oil Blend of: Pine, Eucalyptus, Niaouli, Benzoin, Ginger, Hyssop, Juniper

* Organic

Net wt 3.3 oz

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Weight.19 lbs
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Damballa, Papa Legba, Marie Laveau, Maman Brigitte, Baron Samedi, Ezrulie, Simbi Anpaka


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