Voodoo Essence Essential Oil Blends

Once again, people asked and we delivered. Voodoo Essences, our pure, therepeudic grade, essetnial oil blends are here. These are our beloved loa blends straight up, no carrier or dillution. You can use them as you would other essential oils in your collection. 

Voodoo Essences (2)

These 10 ml essential oil blends are our most concentrated essential oil product to date. Enjoy our loa blends in a diffuser, or dilluted with some epsom salt in a bath, or use in a massage blend with a carrier oil.


Discover how to use essential oils safely and effectively here

Marie Laveau
Lavender, Lemongrass, Myrrh, Bergamot, Clove, Cassia

Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans is an inspiration. She held significant social and spiritual influence during her time. Her time was the 1800’s. She was the first woman of color born free in her family. Despite that she rose to have considerable political influence. She was also community driven and a devout Catholic. She devoted her life in service to aid and uplift her community.

Marie Laveau’s ability to uplift and protect those in her community inspired our Marie Laveau essential oil blend. It centers around protection, balance, and cleansing. It is a citrusy floral, with a spicy base, whos roots can be found in Florida Water.This soothing and happy bouquet will uplift and cleanse the spirit, and help calm the mind.

Erzulie Freda
Lavender, Palma Rosa, Ho Wood, Litsea Cubeba, Amyris, Ylang Ylang, Melissa

Erzulie Freda is the coquettish goddess of love, luck, and luxury. She is the embodiment of femininity, beauty, and indulgence. Riches and romance are what makes her heart go pitter pat. Erzulie Freda rules over matters of the heart. Seek her for aid with romantic love, and material abundance. Do not mistake her for a frivolous loa though. Erzulie Freda is powerfully magical. Her mere presence can dissipate negativity.

Erzulie Freda Essence is the epitome of floral and feminine. It has a soft and clean aroma. If your heart needs a little pampering this is the Essence for you! Lavender and yland ylang make this a top choice to battle panic attacks and anxiety. It is a wonderful addition to a bath along with a mimosa, or a margarita depending how your day went.

Marjoram, Basil, Benzoin, Spearmint

Crashing waves are soothing to the soul. The ocean is deeply unknowable, and a vastly comforting mystery. The ocean is Yemaya. Without water there would be no life. Yemaya, the Ocean Mother Goddess is one of the most powerful and sought after loas in Voodoo.

Yemaya is the epitome of feminine maternal. She is a powerfully emotional healer. She nurtures self-love, emotional healing, and prosperity for her children. Yemaya is the champion for all that feel lost or lonely, offering maternal love to all. She is the goddess of home, fertility, family, and love. channels the soothing and healing nature of the ocean. This Essence blend captures the quiet, yet powerful spirit of the ocean.

The Yemaya blend is a herbaceous, soft, and creamy mix. The sweet and spicy marjoram is the star of this show. This is the number one oil to reduce stress and help with insomnia. 

If you are in need of some maternal nurturing this Essence is for you. This blend was designed to promote well-being, self-love, comfort, and peace. These oils are known to provide clarity in growth. This blend was designed with the best mothers have to offer her children.

Maman Brigitte COMFORT
Coriander, Allspice, Patchouli, Dill, Thyme, Anise

Maman Brigitte the a foul mouthed and rowdy loa of death. She rules death, life, motherhood, fertility, women, and justice. Together, she and her husband Baron Samedi rule over cemeteries and the dead. She is known for the love, comfort and care she gives the dead in the afterlife.

Maman Brigitte is a powerful healer. She is also especially protective over children and women. She is not afraid to stand up for the truth and speak her mind. Maman Brigitte is often sought to help in matters of justice. She is also a powerful protector for mothers and children.  

This Essence has an intoxicating herbaceous, spicy, and comforting scent. It reflects Maman Brigitte’s mystery, passion, compassion and talent as a healer.

This blend of essential oils evoke passion (it is full of aphrodisiacs), balance, and (if you’re into it) a connection with the other world. On paper, this unusual essential oil blend looks weird. Make no mistake, it works! If you're in need of channeling your inner personal fire Maman Brigitte is here!

Simbi Anpaka
Eucalyptus, Niaouli, Benzoin, Ginger, Hyssop, Juniper, Pine

Simbis are a family of water serpents who rule all things that flow. Water, electricity, and energy are the Simbis jam. They can be shy. Once appeased though, they are powerful allies. Once courted, they are very potent healers and protectors. Simbi Anpaka is the master of herbs, botanicals, and medicinals. He is a master healer and protector.

Protection is the inspiration of Simbi Anpaka Essence. His powers as a healer and herbalist are the heart of this blend. Only an essential oil blend this powerfully protective could represent him.

Crisp, green, and fresh this essential oil blend is sure to please those that love the outdoors. Hikers, campers, and all who suffer from wanderlust will find peace with this blend.
This blend is good for clearing negativity. The scent of Simbi Anpaka blend is a very green and soft scent and leans towards the masculine. This blend provides a very cooling and refreshing feeling. Just like Simbi Anpaka, these essential oils blend to make a powerful purifying and protective potion.

Papa Legba
Lemongrass, Basil, Fir, Clary Sage, Frankincense

Papa Legba is one of the most powerful loas in Voodoo. He is the gatekeeper to the spirit world, and guardian of the crossroads. He is also regarded as the master of communication. Papa Legba opens doors. He is a master of destiny and can help you realize yours. Papa Legba opens the gates to the spirit world and allows us to communicate. Without him there would be no communication, or prayer, with the spirit world.

Papa Legba is always happy to make a deal with you. One must be careful though as Papa Legba is a known trickster. He just enjoys a good joke. Think of him as your crazy old uncle, who likes a good prank. just like your crazy old uncle, gifts of tobacco, alcohol, chocolate, and coffee are always appreciated.

The foundation of Papa Legba Essence is power of clarity and communication. The essential oils here center around communication, creativity, intuition, and . . . clarity. Papa Legba is the Loa of destiny, after all, and many of us need clarity on that! This blend is both grounded and uplifting. It is the top choice when you need to focus, and these essential oils are known to fight ADHD. Pests such as mosquitos also hate this blend with a passion. Papa Legba and this scent both sit at the crossroads. It appeals to men and women alike.

Rosemary, Black Pepper, Parsley, Carrot Seed, Cedar-wood, Galbanum, Vetivert

Baron Samedi is Master of the cemetery. Together with his wife, Maman Brigitte, they over the Gede family of spirits who oversee death and fertility. This crowd is vivacious, rowdy, and, above all, vulgar. They love a good party! They all drink, smoke, and tell dirty jokes with the best of them, but by far, the Baron is the most outrageous of them all.

Despite the rowdiness, Baron Samedi is a kind and powerful healer. No one may die without the Baron’s permission after all. He is also sought after in matters of justice. He is extremely protective over children.

Like the Baron this Essence is completely earthy, wild, and untamed. It is also primarily made from oils that come from the Apiaceae, or carrot, family. This family has a strong medicinal heritage steeped in magical folklore. This blend creates a scent that is evocative of dark and mysterious places. . . . followed by a hint of life and renewal. The overall effect of Baron Samedi Lather is pleasing, wild, smokey and masculine. The essential oils combined for this Essence promote vitality, protection, healing, and justice. These are the things the Baron is all about after all.

With Voodoo Essences you choose how to use our beloved loa essential oil blends. 

Voodoo Essences are hand made with 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.


These are 10 ml of potently powerful potions. A wise boy once state with great power comes great responsibility. Always educate yourself on the safe and effective use of essential oils. Here's a crash course:

1) Never use Voodoo Essences undiluted on your skin.

2) Absolutely, positively never use them internally.

3) Always keep them out of reach of children.

4) If you are under care of a physician, please consult them before use.


Voodoo Essences are volatile oils. This means they will evaporate in heat, or when left uncovered. Your Voodoo Essence will always be happiest stored out of direct sunlight, and sealed in it's bottle when not in use.

You may also be interested in our Voodoo Aromatic essential oil roll-ons. These babies are ready for topical use, and hella convenient to carry around in your pocket.

Voodoo Lather all natural vegan soaps will nourish you mind, body, and spirit. Each is made with the finest plants nature has to offer, and features a loa inspired essential oil blend.

Once you forsake your lotions for Voodoo Goo, you won't go back. Our highly protecting and nourishing formulas will make your skin the happiest its ever been. A little goes a long ass way too!

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