I have been a professional wig builder and makeup artist for the past twenty years. In 2001 I left New Orleans and moved to Houston to work with Houston Grand Opera. After that, in 2009, I became Wig Master and Makeup Supervisor for Houston Ballet. Ten years later, I decided to leave my ballet family to freelance full time. Now I work with opera, ballet, and theater companies, photographers, and film companies. I get to travel across the States. This has been an epic adventure.

. . . . . Enter Covid 19. . . . .

Everyone in the world is suffering in some way from this pandemic. Everyone in the performing arts tribe are currently out of work.  Our entire industry disappeared overnight. This is devastating and we all hope to return to the stage soon! The people that make events were the first ones out of work and will be the last to return.

I've had a few pet projects stashed up my sleeve for years. The time to pursue outside passions never seemed to come around. Needless to say, that time has come.  I'm very excited to share these projects with a new audience!

To learn how to support those of us still out of work due to Covid-19 please check out the web page below. 



I LOVE PLANTS! I have studied Aromatherapy since 1998. I am a Certified Professional Aromatherapist with NAHA, and a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Plants are magical!!

Plants work with our bodies on many levels. Synthetic chemicals do not work with our bodies the way pants can. Each plant can produce hundreds of different natural chemicals. This is what makes the plant smell and look like they do. Plants produce these chemicals help them survive and lucky for us, they can help us too. These chemical components come together and work in a synergistic voodoo-like way. Daily, plants make their own magical potions. If you isolate one of these components, they are not as effective as the whole potion. With plants, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The quality of what goes onto your skin is just as important as what goes into your mouth.

In my studies of plants and the human system I came to believe one thing with a passion. The quality of what goes onto your skin is just as important as what goes into your mouth. If you eat something it ends up in your bloodstream. If you put something on your skin some of it also ends up in your bloodstream. 

Over the years I have spent long days. . weeks. . . months with my hands saturated in solvents. The alcohols, hairsprays, and other chemicals used in my trade tortured my skin. My skin was dry, cracked, and irritated. It got so bad that store bought lotions burned. After not being able to find a product that helped me I turned to my friends in the plant kingdom. I have made my own body products that nourished, re-hydrated, and repaired my skin for years. Not only did they work better than what I could find in stores, they were all natural. This in turn reduced my exposure to even more chemicals.

Friends and family have benefited from these products for years. Now is the time to launch some favorite products to everyone.

Check out the products here:


Wig building is a very . . . specific skill. It involves a high level of attention to detail. Patience, and the willingness to sit for long periods of time and tie knots are also requirements. Usually knots are tied using a single strand of hair. As a result, there's a lot of sitting alone, and often a lot of books on tape involved. Shout out to J. K. Rowling and Stephen King for preserving what sanity I still have.


Wig building is a very niche skill that has become a dying art. Over the years I have provided many private clients with custom hair goods. My clients all arrive with epic stories about the rabbit holes they had to venture through to find me. I love all my clients that have braved this adventure. I love helping them and taking on new and unique projects. Quarantine time has provided time to sit and get a website together. This makes connecting with people that need hair services much easier.

Popular custom hair good services I provide include:

* Custom hair pieces and wigs for people suffering from hair loss due to alopecia or chemotherapy

*Wig customizing and styling

* Costume facial hair that fall between the lines of what they need and what is available commercially

* Santa Claus beards, wigs , and mustaches (sounds very specific, but it is a thing)

* Education in makeup and wigs

View a sampling of my work below.