V is For Voodoo is a passion project. It’s been an adventure, born out of the time given by the Covid pandemic and the knowledge decades of studying plants provided. I have wanted to start a soap company for a very, very long time. One that honored nature, was actually all natural, and provided quality products that did its ingredients proud. My career in the theater, however, never allowed me the time to get anything off the ground. As soon as contracts began to get canceled due to Covid I knew I had to start this company now. If I didn’t it would never happen and I would hate myself for it. The journey this company has taken has been very wild and highly rewarding. I have met the most wonderful people along the way. Inspiring small business owners, creative collaborators, and phenomenal customers, all of whom I never would have met without this company. By far the most rewarding thing, however, has been customer response. I am so grateful to know these products, all of whom have become like little children to me, are out there helping people. Hearing how much people love them is like seeing your child shine. I also love getting my plant friends out there. Educating people on how they benefit us, and various ways these little miracles provide for us. V is For Voodoo is an all natural body product company, but it is so much more than that. It is also a channel for education and community. It is a vehicle for collaboration. It gets us closer to nature and our roots. V is For Voodoo is a way to find healing. The best thing about owning your own company is you can do it your way. Therefore, V is For Voodoo is firmly based in what I believe.

Plants are the most magical thing in this world.

Plants feed us, shelter us, clothe us, filter our air, and give us medicine. These magical little beings create sugar and oxygen by combining water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight. In other words, they keep us alive with water, sun, and our own waste byproduct. Who else can do that? They have taken care of us, grown and evolved with us since the beginning of our time. If our ancestors did not work with plants we would not be here today.    Plants work with our bodies physically, mentally, and emotionally. Synthetic chemicals pale in comparison. Plants create thousands of different phyto-chemicals and nutrients. This is what gives plants their specific aroma, coloring, and benefits. Plants produce these chemicals for survival and, thank Beebus, they help us too. These phytochemical combinations work in a synergistic voodoo-like way. These combinations are more potent when they are used in their entirety than when individual components are isolated. Mother nature is wonderful at making magic potions, and very good at keeping her secrets. Even with all of our fancy schmancy scientific advancements, we still don’t understand the entirety of how plants heal us. Plants heal our mind, body, and spirit. They do deeper work than our best synthetics can. 

The quality of what goes onto your skin is just as important as what goes into your mouth.

If you eat something it ends up in your bloodstream. If you put something on your skin some of it also ends up in your bloodstream. Everything you use can impact your health. We’re already so overexposed to pollutants and chemicals we can’t control. Why increase our chemical exposure for no reason? Plants do a wonderful job at taking care of us. Why use anything else? Synthetic additives in body products only make the product prettier on the shelf or cheaper to make. Neither of these reasons provide benefits to you. I got tired of natural body products not being really natural. I wanted something that was truly beneficial, so I made it. By trade I’m a professional wig maker and makeup artist. Over the years I have spent long days. . weeks. . . months with my hands saturated in solvents. The alcohols, hairsprays, and other chemicals used in my trade tortured my skin. My skin was dry, cracked, and irritated. It got so bad that store bought lotions burned. After not being able to find a product that helped me I turned to my friends in the plant kingdom. I have made my own body products that nourished, re-hydrated, and repaired my skin for years. Not only did they work better than what I could find in stores, they were actually all natural. This in turn reduced my exposure to even more chemicals. Friends and family have benefited from these products for years. Now is the time to launch some favorite products to everyone.

Small habits create big changes.

As a society we are all overworked, overstimulated, and pulled in too many directions at once. Few of us find the time to get everything on our to do list done, much less what we want to do. Few have the luxury of being able to slow down, process our days, and truly recover. While not all of us have the option to slow down we do have the option to make small changes that add up over time.   Small habits that can elevate your daily routine to make a  huge impact on your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being include:.  Pick a mantra every week, or month, and focus on it while you brush your teeth in the morning. Turn your daily shower into a moment to cleanse your mind for or from the day as well as your body.  Just envision the water washing all the BS off.  Add five minutes before bed to do a breathing exercise to clear your mind.  Substitute one soda a day for a glass of tea.  Park 10 feet further from your workplace than you normally do.  What does this have to do with soap? These products are mindfully designed to turn your daily body care routines into a ritual. Coming from all natural ingredients these products help connect you back to the earth. Each one is meant to empower you in practical ways everyday, while caring for your body. 


I am so grateful for all the support this company has received. Thank you, thank you to all of our wonderful customers!

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Voodoo Lather

Meet V is For Voodoo's line of Loa inspired, cold processed, exfoliating, sustainable, cruelty free, all natural vegan soap. We use magical ingredients and make magical products.

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Ready to Wear

Voodoo Aromatic

Ready to wear, and convenient to carry, take the power of these loa blends with you wherever you go with Voodoo Aromatic essential oil roll-ons.

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100% Therapeutic Grade

Voodoo Essence

Meet the most concentrated for of my Loa blends. With Voodoo Essences you choose your adventure with the loa. Use in a diffuser or to dress a candle neat. Blend with a carrier for a massage oil or bath. With Voodoo Essences your imagination is the only limit.

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Voodoo Goo

Meet V is For Voodoo's line of plant based all natural salves. These botanical salves are hydrating, nourishing, sustainable, chemical and cruelty free.

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Chakra Healing

Chakra Series

These seven essential oil blends will vibe with each of your chakras. Ground with Muladhara, or stoke your inner fire with Manipura. Each is available in a vegan soap or a ready to wear essential oil roll-on.

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The Perfect Gift

Gris- Gris Bag

Give the gift of magic with our gris-gris bag gift sets. Customize your perfect gift for you or your loved ones. Choose from petite, regular, or jumbo!

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