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Designed and crafted by a certified professional aromatherapist and LMT.


*All Natural* *Chemical Free* *Paraben Free*

*Cruelty Free* *Palm Oil Free* *Sustainable*

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Voodoo Lather

Introducing V is For Voodoo's extraordinary collection of Loa-inspired, cold-processed, exfoliating, sustainable, cruelty-free, and all-natural vegan soaps. Our enchanting creations are meticulously crafted with magical ingredients, resulting in truly magical products.

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Ready to Wear

Voodoo Aromatic

Experience the potency of our Loa blends on the go with Voodoo Aromatic essential oil roll-ons. Designed for easy portability and ready-to-wear convenience, carry the power of these blends with you wherever you venture.

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100% Therapeutic Grade

Voodoo Essence

Encounter the utmost concentration of my Loa blends in the form of Voodoo Essences. With these powerful essences, you have the freedom to embark on your chosen adventure with the loa. Whether you prefer using them in a diffuser, dressing a candle, blending them with a carrier for massage, or adding them to your bath, Voodoo Essences empower you to explore limitless possibilities driven by your imagination.

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Voodoo Goo

Introducing V is For Voodoo's range of plant-based, all-natural salves. Carefully crafted from botanical ingredients, these salves offer exceptional hydration and nourishment while upholding our commitment to sustainability. They are entirely free from harmful chemicals and cruelty, ensuring a powerful, yet compassionate and ethical skincare experience.

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Herbal Goodness

Tattoo Juju

Behold Tattoo Juju, our ultimate and fearless healing salve crafted specifically for tattoos. Enriched with a blend of vitamins, potent anti-inflammatories, and nature's most powerful healing plants, this aftercare salve guarantees exceptional results. Its smooth and effortless application makes it the best and most reliable choice for tattoo care.

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Chakra Healing

Chakra Series

Unlock the harmonious connection between your chakras with our collection of seven essential oil blends. Whether you seek grounding with Muladhara or wish to ignite your inner fire with Manipura, each blend is thoughtfully designed to resonate with specific chakras. You can choose from either our all-natural vegan soaps or ready-to-wear essential oil roll-ons for a seamless and enchanting experience.

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The Divine Goddess

Divine Feminine

Embrace the timeless archetypes of Maiden, Mother, and Crone, and tap into the reservoir of Divine Feminine energy within us all. Discover empowerment through the Maiden's spirit, draw upon the Mother's nurturing strength, and allow the wisdom of the Crone to guide you toward profound truths with our ready to wear essential oil roll-ons.

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The Perfect Gift

Gris- Gris Bag

Give the gift of magic with our gris-gris bag gift sets. Customize your perfect gift for you or your loved ones. Choose from petite, regular, or jumbo!

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The 3 Tenets of V is For Voodoo's All Natural Body Products

Let's talk about a skin-deep truth - what you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your mouth! Yep, that epidermis is no joke - it's the body's biggest defender, but it's got a sneaky side too! When you slather on those creams and lotions, guess what? They're on the move, getting absorbed into your bloodstream and mingling with your body's cells.

Now, here's the deal - using skincare stuff packed with harmful chemicals and synthetic gunk is a big no-no! It can lead to skin irritation, and allergies, and even disrupt hormonal balance. Moreover, some chemicals found in skincare products have been linked to long-term health issues and environmental concerns.

But don't stress! Just like we chow down on good-for-you grub to fuel our insides, natural and safe skincare products are the way to go for your outer glow and we are here to help. Our magical concoctions are all about harmony, feeding your skin the vital nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants it craves.

And hey, it's not just about you; it's about Mama Earth too! Choosing natural and organic skincare is like giving our planet a big ol' hug. By saying no to harmful stuff, we're all about that eco-friendly self-care vibe, keeping both you and the environment in tip-top shape!

So, let's raise our skincare game and make mindful choices for a healthier, happier you! It's time to embrace the power of all-natural goodness and rock that radiant, sustainable glow!

V is For Voodoo follows a holistic philosophy in crafting body care products.,  At the core of this approach lies the careful selection of ingredients. Our unwavering commitment to using nothing but nature’s most magical plant-based components sets us apart. Plants possess an awe-inspiring array of phytochemicals, with a single plant containing numerous compounds, each working synergistically to make something greater than itself.

By utilizing plants in their entirety, we harness the true magic they offer. While modern technology allows us to isolate and synthesize individual components for medications, the potency of these elements is diminished when separated from the plant's holistic combination. Nature's brilliance lies in creating one-of-a-kind magical blends.

At V is For Voodoo, we steer clear of synthesized components and derivatives, embracing only holistic ingredients. Our labels boast pronounceable elements, reflecting the commitment to creating products that draw on nature's masterful craftsmanship. Man cannot replicate the powerful combinations nature offers, and we find no reason to interfere with such perfection.

Through testimonials, we have witnessed the transformative effects of our products, especially for professionals who frequently subject their skin to harsh chemicals. When synthetic-filled soaps and lotions offered no relief, our all-natural body care products, enriched with holistic, quality ingredients, made a substantial difference. Our mission is to provide high-quality body care products that genuinely benefit the user. Beyond their appealing appearance and captivating fragrances, our products nourish and hydrate, delivering noticeable results with regular use.

This commitment to excellence and the profound impact of our holistic approach leads us to our third and final tenet at V is For Voodoo.

At V is For Voodoo, we take "do no harm" quite seriously, and that means keeping our customers out of trouble! Sure, "natural" might sound all gentle and serene, but let's be real - some plant chemicals can pack a punch! We respect those plants and their powerful ways. Your safety is our top priority, so we follow NAHA, AIA, and IFRA ethics, safety standards, and guidelines. Because when plants are involved, it's better to be safe than sorry!

Now, let's talk sustainability! We're all about being green and clean. Our all-natural body products are crafted with sustainability in mind. All our ingredients are sustainably sourced from ethical suppliers. No endangered plants on our watch! And plastics? Nah, not our style. We're packaging pros, using reusable and recyclable materials that are kind to the planet. Oh, and about testing on animals? We don't do that! The only guinea pigs here are our consenting human friends and family. They're our true MVPs in the quest for amazing products!

Combined, these three tenets mean:

V is For Voodoo products are:

* Plant Based and All-natural

Fragranced exclusively with 100% essential oil blends

* Sustainably manufactured and packaged

* Cruelty free

* Handcrafted in the USA

V is For Voodoo products are free of:

* Harsh Chemicals

*  Parabens, phthalates, and SLS's


*Palm Oil 


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