Gris-Gris Bag Gift Sets


Unleash your creativity with Gris-Gris bag gift sets, allowing you to tailor the ideal present for yourself or your cherished ones!

Encased in a distinctive, hand-painted bag, each set is a work of art, truly one-of-a-kind. These extraordinary and impactful gifts are meticulously crafted for individuals who exude their own uniqueness and strength.

Whether it's a special treat for yourself or a cherished someone, our Gris-Gris gift sets are a foolproof choice.

A Gris-Gris bag, traditionally a talisman, is expertly crafted to bestow protection, good fortune, or luck. Typically holding a blend of herbs, oil, and personal keepsakes, it holds a special significance.


V is For Voodoo offers fully customizable Gris-Gris bags as gift sets. Start by selecting your desired size: petite, regular, or jumbo. Then, handpick the scents and products that resonate with you to create a truly unique bag tailored to your preferences!

Petite Gris-Gris

Your Choice of Voodoo Lather
Lip Revival Lip Balm

Our smallest Gris-Gris may be mini but it is mighty! Choose your Loa and get Lip Revival as a companion!



Your choice of Voodoo Lather and a 2 oz. Voodoo Goo
Lip Revival Lip Balm

The medium Gris-Gris bag is just right! Choose your Lather, and either a 2 oz. Miracle Salve or Blessed Balm, and get a happy little Lip Revival as well. This Gris-Gris is a complete all-natural body care set!


Jumbo Gris-Gris

Your choice of Voodoo Lather, Voodoo Aromatic and 2 oz Voodoo Goo
Lip Revival Lip Balm

This is our deluxe Gris-Gris. It includes one of each of our product lines, with a bonus Lip Revival. Choose your own Lather vegan soap, Voodoo Aromatic essential oil roll-on, and 2 oz. Miracle Salve or Blessed Balm.

As always, V is For Voodoo products are:

V is For Voodoo products are:

* Plant Based and All-natural

Fragranced exclusively with 100% essential oil blends

* Sustainably manufactured and packaged

* Cruelty free

* Handcrafted in the USA

V is For Voodoo products are free of:

* Harsh Chemicals

*  Parabens, phthalates, and SLS's


*Palm Oil 


You can still shop our products individually. Feel free to browse around the shop!

Healing Salve (7)
Essential Oil Roll-on