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The throat chakra is all about communication. These implications run deep.  It encompasses genuine, unfiltered interaction – not solely with others but also within ourselves. This honest exchange gives rise to vulnerability, which, in turn, cultivates authenticity. When we articulate our needs with clarity and sincerity, we pave the way for our individual brilliance to radiate. Embrace your distinctive originality and actualize your purpose by vocalizing your truth. Vishuddha stands as a pivotal nexus within our energetic framework, forging connections between spirit and body, heart and mind.

I’m so happy with the Vishuddha blend. For the first time, the splendid peppermint has found its place in our creation. The outcome is a blend that invigorates while maintaining a soothing undertone. Purity is the guiding principle, and the dynamic duo of peppermint and niaouli imparts potent purification properties. Lavender and myrrh gracefully enter the mix, tempering the menthol's vigor, infusing warmth, and offering solace to the soul, alleviating stress.

Crafted from our profoundly nourishing soap base, the Vishuddha soap is a masterpiece. The gentle azure hue results from the harmonious blend of kaolin clay and activated charcoal, both renowned for their soothing attributes. These elements delicately refine the skin, granting it a flawlessly smooth texture.

The Vishuddha vegan soap showcases an exquisite essential oil fusion:

Peppermint - An invigorating elixir that cultivates focus and lucidity. It propels you toward your aspirations, guiding introspection to uncover the core of your emotions, and nurturing creativity.

Niaouli - A harmonizing essence that energizes and sharpens the mind, countering fatigue. This oil serves as a compass to uncover your purpose, strengthening determination and resolve.

Lavender - Earning its status as a botanical powerhouse, Lavender exudes a calming influence, dissipating tension, anxiety, and insomnia. It is the preeminent oil for ushering in tranquility.

Myrrh - Emitting a comforting warmth, Myrrh brings emotional equilibrium, dispelling anxiety and fear. It empowers the release of inhibitions, enabling you to transcend hindrances, progress beyond trauma, and embark on a journey of healing.

For an even deeper connection, pair with the Vishuddha essential oil roll-on and embrace a profound sense of love and balance.


Water. Coconut Oil*. Sunflower Oil*, Shea Butter*, Olive Oil*, Sodium Hydroxide, Sal Butter, Hemp seed Oil* Activated Charcoal, Kaolin Clay, Essential Oil Blend of: Peppermint* Niaouli*, Lavender*, Myrrh


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Damballa, Papa Legba, Marie Laveau, Maman Brigitte, Baron Samedi, Ezrulie, Simbi Anpaka


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