The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any.

Alice Walker

Suyanisqatsi: Life in Balance

The Divine Feminine and Masculine can be seen through the same lens as the Chinese philosophy of yin and yang. These are two vital and complementary and interdependent energies through which we all find balance.  Yin and yang, masculine and feminine are opposite, yet equal. As mentioned in the article on the Divine feminine, this is not a discussion about gender. The gender binary is a complete myth. It is a divisive tool that has devalued many Indigenous beliefs and cultures and waged war on individuality. Everyone on the planet has characteristics of both god and goddess within them. This is not to say these energies are only balanced in a 50/50 split. Everything, us included, has their own unique balance. This balance we each naturally own, is an important aspect of what makes us unique individuals, providing society with a full spectrum of individuality. Nature is most beautiful and healthy when it is diverse and variety is an important part of what puts us humans in a healthy, happy society. 

Our perfect balance of masculine and feminine energies is hardly ever 50/50, and it is also not static, but dynamic. These energies also operate as an ebb and flow with our current situations and within the seasons. The most masculine season we have is summer. This is the season of action and adventure, warmth and sunlight. As our energy burns we start to slow down, retreat into our restorative yin nature, climaxing in the winter as the nights get longer and the days get shorter. During winter energy goes inwards, regenerating itself before coming out again into its full summertime expression. 

Toxic Masculinity- The Divine Masculine Out of Balance

For centuries we have been living in an energetically masculine dominated society.  The Divine Feminine has been minimalized, demonized and weakened to the point it is unrecognizable. We see this in the overall increase in violence and war in our society. People are acting out in increasingly reckless manners. It is manifested in how we burn the candle at both ends and the need to always be in control of everything. . Rest and recovery are often seen as luxuries that only the weak need. 

Not enough masculine energy is also not good. This manifests in poor boundaries, and not being able to stand up for yourself. Lethargy, or the inability to take action is also a sign that there is not enough masculine energy. 

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.”

Ferdinand Foch


Historical trends swing from one extreme to the other, constantly riding a pendulum, seeking that sweet spot in the middle. Currently we are riding the wave of an overly masculine society. We are totally out of balance. The journey to our imbalanced society began in the 14th century B.C., so ya, a long freaking time ago.  It was then that the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten established a cult devoted only to the sun god, Aton. He destroyed the temples of other gods and goddesses, eventually paving the way to monotheism. Ever since then the pendulum has swung further to the masculine end of the spectrum. We have been living in a Divine Feminine vacuum since antiquity. 

Introducing the Divine Masculine

In essence, the Divine Masculine is everything the Divine Feminine is not. This is your fire energy. This is the energy that gets things done. The Divine Masculine thrives on structure. It is an expansive, adventurous energy. The Divine Masculine is always on the move, exuding confidence and speaking up for itself. This energy thinks critically and logically. Whereas the Divine feminine is internal and loves to fantasize, the Divine masculine is the grounding energy needed to take those fantasies into reality. 

The Divine Masculine energy is the one you need when setting boundaries and standing up for yourself. This is the energy of personal empowerment. The Divine feminine is the nurturing energy,  concerned with the good of the whole. The Divine Masculine is the one you need to center that line so that you don’t give too much of yourself. 

Examples of Balance

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s paint some pictures. 

Creative Endeavors

Your feminine energy is the part that observes. This is the side that cultivates empathy and sparks the creative juices. The Divine Feminine is the side of you that manifests a creative idea, channels the muse, if you will. The Divine Masculine energy is the one that steps up, gathers supplies, sits down and brings your creative endeavor into reality.  As you can see, the idea , while great, isn’t a product. Just as with no idea or inspiration you still would have no product. It takes both Divine feminine and masculine energies to come together for creation. 


The Divine Feminine is the side that sits and fantasizes about where to go, what you’ll see, and the experiences you will have. This is what’s driving the boat as you sit at your computer browsing photos and deals, creating this experience in your head. The Divine masculine steps in and figures out a budget, scheduling, makes the reservations, and books the flights. 


The Divine feminine is the energy that reflects on what you need. This is the one that visualizes what could be and how you might feel if you ate a healthier diet and worked out more. The Divine Masculine steps in and makes a logical plan, sets real goals, and gets your butt up to exercise. 


Just as the Divine Feminine can be broken up into the Maiden, Mother, and Crone aspects, the Divine Masculine can be broken down into different aspects, or archetypes as well. Let’s meet the Lover, the Prince, and the Sage. 





Ah, who doesn’t love a lover? OK, well let’s rephrase this. Who doesn’t love a well balanced, healthy lover?  The Lover would be the male counterpart to the Maiden. The lover is a big ball of joyful energy.  The Maiden is the feminine side of youth, going inside, figuring out what she wants. The Lover is the male side, running, jumping, climbing trees. The Lover, well, loves. He loves action, loves adventure, loves life. This is the archetype that houses our exuberance and joy. The Lover is too young to have experienced much opposition and hasn’t tested his own limits and so embodies the idea that anything is possible. The Lover is a fully embodied energy that has no shame. This is also the energy that powers our sexual drives. 

Out of balance this energy can become reckless and self centered. If allowed to run amok the Lover energy will run amok. This means no clear direction for you. With no direction, your life's lessons will be learned and your personal dragons will certainly be conquered the hard  way. 

Don’t just dismiss the prince's energy as a sulky brat. This is an important energy for us to be in contact with. When the Maiden asks “what do I want?”, the Prince takes that desire, puts it into action, and gets us there. The Prince is where we find our joi de vive. Not only our lust, but our lust for life. The Prince illuminates our optimism and reminds us that life is about experiencing, not fantasizing. 





There is no shortage of examples in the Father archetype of the Divine Masculine. Zeus, King Arthur, Yahweh, Re, the list in mythology alone would fill up my server. The Father aspect of the Divine Masculine is all about power and maturity. This is the provider energy. He is self-sufficient enough to provide not only for himself but for others. The Father is full of action. This is a creation centered energy. He builds things, like families and communities. There is also wisdom in the Father archetype. He is a leader, but a benevolent and kind one. This energy is very much purpose driven. It is the center of our sense of determination and self confidence. He has the drive to start a project and see it through to its completion. We channel the Father when we need the determination needed to accomplish our goals. The Father energy teaches us how to rely on ourselves and not others. 

The Father energy is also a protective energy. He is very loyal to his family, and friends. He always uses his energy to serve the greater good, providing structure for those in his community. The Father also rules with wisdom. He learns quickly and goes with the flow. He understands when norms and structures should be changed or taken down completely. 

In balance this energy is strong, benevolent, and goal oriented. He rules with wisdom and grace. Out of balance, it’s a different story. The Father energy can turn very self-serving. Hello, Zeus anyone? This is when you could possibly run into a Dictator. Close minded, self centered, impatient, and angry are all attributes that can arise. Ignore the Father energy and you can become weak and ineffectual. You can become chaotic with the lack of structure the Father energy brings.  

Ultimately the Father archetype brings us safety and stability. He steers the ship with a steady hand, sailing all the way to his final destination. When you have a project you need to get done, talk to the Father. When you need a boost in your self esteem, channel him. When you need to stoke the fire of your own personal power, the Father is the one that will bring you more fuel. 





The Sage is one that has seen and done it all. . . probably twice. This is the energy of experience and knowledge. He has spent lifetimes accruing knowledge, and now it is his turn to pass it on. The Sage is too old to take himself, or anything, so seriously. In this way the Sage overlaps quite often with the Trickster archetype. Just as the Crone is old and wise enough to know the truth, the Sage has gained wisdom through experience. The Sage serves as a mentor, compiling his knowledge into stories to guide and educate others. 

The Sage has been around the block enough to see the storm, and understand that this too shall pass. He gives a quiet, self assuredness that all will be well. Even when the world is burning down around him, he will be at peace, and will even be able to find cosmic humor in such situations. When you are in need of perspective and peace, the Sage is whom you must seek. The Sage certainly does his own thing in his own time. He is more concerned in the inner workings of the soul, than the outer appearances, or social norms. Being unconventional is one of the defining traits of the Sage. He is very secure in himself, and really knows no fear. 

The Sage is the one on the mountain top, spending his days meditating. He is the one that we go to when we need to be spiritually empowered. The Sage is not a slave to the ego. He is wise enough to see things from all angles. When you need a birds eye view of a situation, it is the Sage that you need. When you want to explore your spirituality.

When out of balance, the Sage energy can suck us in, driving us to be hermits. When you have too much of the Sage in you, it’s easy to get stuck in your own head, and become out of touch with reality.

How to connect with the Divine Masculine

Toxic masculinity has been running amok for centuries. The anger heard in the cries for the fall of the Patriarchy is more than enough to illustrate this. We haven’t balanced the Divine Masculine within itself, much less in relationship to the Divine Feminine. We need to redefine the meaning of masculine energy for ourselves. Toxic masculinity has become our definition of masculinity. This distortion robs us from benefiting from this vital force. We’ve been burned for so long it’s hard to reform a healthy relationship with the masculine aspects of ourselves. Being assertive is not the same thing as being aggressive. Setting boundaries is not the same as being isolated. Taking the weight of the world on your shoulders is not the same as being a provider. 

Redefine the Masculine

It’s impossible to embrace the Divine Masculine if you’ve had trauma surrounding masculinity.  We’ve already talked about our definition of masculine energy being skewed. In working through this pain try to take a birds eye view and define the situation for what it really is. The Divine Masculinity is not dominating or abusive. True masculine energy is wise and respectful. Whatever, or whomever hurt you is not operating with true Divine Masculine energy. It’s important to realize this.

Heal your relationship to the masculine.

You can really feel the Divine Feminine energy out in nature. All of nature is creation. Appreciate the abundance and beauty found in nature. The Divine Feminine is also especially associated with the Moon. Gaze at the moon. Set goals according to the lunar phases, instead of the days or weeks. Even just making this shift in awareness can make a huge difference. Water is also associated with the Divine Feminine. Swim in the ocean that is Yemaya. Bath in the fresh waters of Atabey. Let the nurturing energy wash over you.

Take ownership of your life

The Divine Masculine is authoritative. It takes upon itself complete responsibility and accountability. Warm up your relationship with the Divine Masculine by taking ownership of yourself, your actions, and your circumstances. We all have some sort of box we’re living in, sandwiched in between responsibilities and obligations. Just make sure you are defining the walls of your box, and not allowing others to dictate your parameters. 

Take back your power

The Divine Masculine is a strong, empowered energy. Setting strong, healthy boundaries is a powerful way to channel Divine Masculine energy. Stand firmly by those boundaries no matter what others expect of you. Speak your truth loudly and unabashed. Do not back down from being yourself. People pleasing is a sign of a weakened relationship with the Divine Masculine.  Standing on your own, being fully yourself with all the self confidence in the world is the ultimate expression of the Divine Masculine. 

Create goals

One simple and practical way to stoke the Divine Masculine fire is to set goals, and take action on them. The divine Masculine is purpose driven and action oriented. If you don’t like something about your life, set good, SMART, goals on how to change it. This is a two for one in terms of Divine Masculine. Not only are you taking action in your life, you are taking ownership of your life and circumstances.

Get a Dog

Or a plant, or a fish. Providing for something or someone is a characteristic of the Divine Masculine. Taking care of something and providing for it can get the Divine Masculine stirring.   It is a generous spirit that takes action to tend to those it loves. Providing food, shelter, and love are all attributes are all actions the Divine Masculine thrives on. To get in tune with this energy take on the responsibility of taking care of something or someone. 


The Divine Masculine is geared towards actions that tend to family and community. Giving is a Divine Masculine trait. Big or small, expensive or free, giving gifts will get you in touch with your own Divine Masculine.

Take risks with confidence

The Divine Feminine loves to look within and reflect.  That’s a wonderful thing. It becomes not so great when we don’t have the action oriented Divine Masculine to balance that out. Getting stuck in the fear of “what if” happens when the Divine Feminine is out of balance. To boost your masculine energy, take action on something you fear. We’re never really 100% ready for anything. To boldly step into the unknown is a trait of the Divine Masculine. He’s not sure exactly what will happen, but he has the self confidence and self reliance to know everything will be good no matter what.


Whenever you’re doing energetic work it’s really important to treat your body like the temple it is. Exercising, eating well, and getting proper hydration are paramount. Eating cleanly, and seasonally is your best bet. Nourishing whole foods give your body everything it needs so that you can explore your energies. This way they have your undivided attention while you’re bringing them back into balance. 

The Divine Masculine is all about doing things. Increased exercise can help you bodily channel the Divine Masculine. If you’re really having trouble bringing this energy out, get your body active and moving. Bare minimum this will help you fake it till you make it. Weight training, martial arts, and vinyasa yoga are all great ways to get the Divine Masculine energy moving. 


Some affirmations that channel the Divine Masculine are:

I am a warrior.

I am a master of self-discipline.

I see things clearly and objectively.

I am confident.

I know when to take action.

“The way of a superior man is three-fold: virtuous, he is free from anxieties; wise, he is free from perplexities; bold, he is free from fear.” -Confucius

Each and every one of us are made of a unique balance of Divine Feminine and Masculine energies. While toxic masculinity has dominated our society for too long, Divine Masculinity is an important, and healing energy we all need to embrace. Without it we would drift aimlessly. We would not stand up for ourselves, or set healthy boundaries. Empowerment, self confidence, logic, assertiveness, and self-discipline are all qualities that are important for a healthy, happy existence. Redefining masculine energy and healing the imbalances we have experienced is important to our individual health and the health of our community as a whole.