Light, love, and knowledge. Sahasrara, our Crown Chakra, is our connection with the Universe both, the seat of our spirituality. With Sahasrara, the Thousand Petaled Lotus, we connect with our most inner self and thus gain greater understanding of the world around us. Here we find our highest purpose.  Here is where we find transformation. Find Peace. Find Harmony. Fulfill your life's purpose. Know your place in the Universe. Just know. 

“You are a function of what the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is a function of what the whole ocean is doing.”

― Alan Watts



The crown chakra is the apex of the energetic body.  This is the most subtle and etherial of all the chakras. The Crown chakra is our connection to the Universe. This is the realm of our higher selves and consciousness. Sahasrara  is the polar opposite, and yet closely linked to the Muladhara, the Root Chakra. They are at opposite ends of the system. The most physical chakra, the root,  gives us a sense of purpose on the earth, the crown chakra gives us our place in the Universe. 

Sahasrara translates into “1.000 petaled”. Its symbol is a 1.000 petaled Lotus. The Lotus flower is sacred in many eastern traditions. It is a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth. The lotus flower is the perfect symbol for humans. At the bottom its roots are in muck, dirt, and grime. It receives nourishment from the dirt and transforms that into one of the most beautiful blooms on the planet. Our root also takes the earth and channels it through creativity, action, love, inspiration, and intuition, and blossoms into our most authentic selves. This is where we discover true spiritual understanding.  Some traditions look at this process as reaching Nirvana, or Enlightenment. 


Sahasrara Chakra Card (1)

Sahasrara is located at the top of, or sometimes cited as just above the top of the head. Physically  it is most closely related with the pituitary gland. It is also associated with the hypothalamus and pineal gland. These glands collaborate to maintain our endocrine system’s balance. Unsurprisingly,  Sahasrara is also associated with brain and nervous system function. In essence the least physical chakra rules some very important systems. It governs your nervous system and your hormones.  The element associated with the Crown Chakra is thought, naturally. 

Purple is the color that governs the Crown Chakra. Purple combines the calmness of blue and the passion of red. It harbors creativity and gives us the energy we need to focus. Purple is a balance of awareness and peace. It is also a color of bravery, self-awareness, completion, and integrity. 

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.”

― Joseph Campbell

Signs of Balance


People that have a balanced Sahasrara have a very strong connection to their spirit, or soul.The have deep knowledge, not only of themselves, but the world  around them. They have a sense of unity and belonging in the universe. They understand how we are all interconnected. This leads to knowing your own personal power. This fosters a positive outlook in life, and provides the stability needed to overcome whatever obstacles are thrown your way. When you understand where you fit in the world and have a strong sense of belonging you are empowered to make decisions with confidence and clarity. 



People with a balanced Sahasrara are cool cucumbers. They know peace and calm, especially under pressure. They carry the serenity of someone alway firmly rooted in the present moment. They don’t dwell in the past, or fret about the future. Things don’t have to always immediately make sense because they know it will all work out in the end.

Signs of Imbalance

When Sahasrara is out of balance you don’t feel connected to others and the world around you. You can  even become completely disinterested with the world around you. To compensate for this you are always antsy, having trouble focusing on anything. Many people experience this as boredom, especially within quiet moments. Apathy and depression are associated with an imbalanced Crown Chakra. 

Not taking time to reset and process the day creates problems. Living a life in this pace gives no time for learning or self reflection. Instead of really being rooted in your existence, you feel like you’re skating over the surface of life. Without diving deep, how do you know what you really want? If you don’t know what you want, how are you supposed to know which direction you need to travel in?

Narrow mindedness is also a symptom of an imbalanced Sahasrara. Without the confidence and certainty Sahasrara provides in your life one can experience lack of trust in, well, everything. In this case you can easily stagnate in a world ruled by fear. 

“The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction.”

― Rachel Carson

How to balance Sahasrara

Silence and Meditation

The number one way to balance Sahasrara is to adopt a mindfulness practice. Noise is Kryptonite to the Crown Chakra. Silence and reflection is what makes Sahasrara happy. Chakras are tools for us to use in balancing our energetic body. Each one represents a component of our humanity. The exercises and tools used to balance chakras are really a way to train our minds and balance our emotions. For the Crown Chakra, training your mind to experience peace, stillness, and oneness is what it's all about. While you don’t have to move to Tibet, or join a monastery, giving yourself  just five minutes a day in stillness provides your mind a time to rest and reset. 

Another note on meditation. Most folks I know who do not meditate either say 1) I don’t have time, or 2) My mind just won’t stop. To this I say 1) You don’t need that much time. If you only have five minutes to reset, just take the five. If you only have two, take two.Anything is better than nothing. You’ll be shocked how far this goes.  2) Meditation is a practice. No one's mind comes free of monkey chatter, especially in this day and age. Meditation takes practice. When you meditate you are training your brain. It’s no different than training for a marathon. It takes practice and training to become successful. 

One tool to help you settle in is mantras. Your brain during meditation can be like an elephant in a china shop. When left to its own devices the elephant will swing its trunk around, breaking the delicate merchandise and in general running amok. Many people experience this when they begin a mindfulness practice. You sit still and try to empty your mind and your brain just starts running amok. You think of everything you have to do today, past hurts, future worries, and crap that you haven’t even remembered for 10 years. Give this elephant a stick to hold in its trunk, however, and it becomes focused on the stick. A mantra is your mind's stick. It gives your brain something to focus on so it doesn’t run wild. Breathing exercises also perform the same functions, as do mudras. 

Your Brain is like your body. You are what you eat.

What you put into your brain is what will come out. When you are inundated with negativity and toxicity, that’s what your brain spits back out at you. If you tell yourself your dreams are pointless, that’s what you will start to believe. Defeat this habit by surrounding yourself with positive, affirming messages.  Listen to positive messages through mediums such as books and podcasts. Limit the amount of negative input you feed yourself everyday. In our present society, unfortunately, negativity comes from places that it shouldn’t. This includes things like news channels, and social media. Choose reputable sources for news to stay informed. Sensationalism, op eds, fear, and polarization are a plague in our current society. Limit the amount of time and space these things take in your brain and add in more positive messaging.  The less room you give for garbage, the more room you have for nourishment. Feed your brain with positivity. 

Balance the other chakras

Sahasrara is a culmination of the other chakras. Energy travels up through all of the chakras and blooms at the top. More so than any other chakra, if something is out of line with the other chakras, it will really reflect in your Crown Chakra. Taking time to focus on and reset the rest of them will go a long way in creating the foundation needed for a clear Sahasrara.

Get into good clean nature.

Every chakra benefits from being in nature and the Crown Chakra is no exception. There is no food or diet associated with the Crown Chakra. The best nourishment is good clean air and sun. Spend time in the great outdoors. Hike in silence. Soak in the scenery around you and reflect on how you are connected to everything around you.

Take the Time YOU Need

All of these recommendations require time. In our culture we are so busy running around we’ve eliminated taking time for ourselves. This is not good. We need time to process our day. We need time to process the information that we receive. We need to slow down. The pace we have adopted is neither normal nor natural.  It is adding to the mental health crisis we have going on. Just for one week slow down and see how you feel. Time for regular exercise, meditation, and relaxation should be the norm. I know few people who successfully have time for all of these things on a weekly, much less daily basis. This life is your time. Use it to your advantage.  I am so guilty of this it’s ridiculous. When I slow down I feel more panicky because I’m certain I’ve forgotten something. Slow down. Your brain, nervous system, and Crown chakra will thank you!

Use Your Body to Balance Ajna


Yoga is an exercise designed to make you tired, warm, and calm. The whole goal of yoga is to prepare your body for meditation. A regular yoga practice is highly beneficial to Sahasrara. If you are having trouble meditating I highly recommend you take a few yoga classes and use the time at the end in Shavasana to practice meditation.  

Yoga Poses that benefit Sahasrara:

Lotus (Padmasana)

Supported Shoulder Stand (Salamba Sarvangasana)

Reclined Bound Angle Pose (Supta Baddha Konasana)

Tools for Balancing Vishuddha


Clear Quartz






White Agate


Lapis Lazuli



White Calcite


I connect easily with spirit.

I am in clarity of my inner knowing.

I am pure light and love.

I know.

I am connected to the Universe and to everything around me.

I am guided by something greater than myself.

I have access to wisdom and peace.

I honor my spirit and the divine within me.

Essential Oils

Tea Tree











New Products 

Sahasrara- Crown Chakra Blend

Tea Tree, Pine, Benzoin, Frankincense

Can you believe Sahasrara is the first blend we’ve put this amazing oil into? It is worth the wait however. This euphoric blend is light, and refreshing.

Sahasrara essential oil blend is an 100% therapeutic essential oil  blend of: 

Tea Tree- is a healing oil, both physically and mentally. It is a wonderful aid in recovering from emotional trauma and shock. This relaxing oil also lends us strength, purity, and focus. It is a highly cleansing oil. 

Pine- is a good combatant for nervous tension and exhaustion, and stress related conditions.

Benzoin- is a euphoric balsamic resin reminiscent of vanilla. Like vanilla it is warming and comforting. Benzoin is a lovely oil to use in clearing negativity. It is also used as a fixative in fragrances.

Frankincense- is often used in prayer in meditation. It can help slow down and deepen the breath. It is useful against stress and anxiety.

The Sahasrara chakra blend is available as a vegan soap and a pre-diluted essential oil roll-on. 


Mind- Sahasrara is a potent clearing and calming blend. It helps with focus, stillness, and recovery. This blend is designed to clear out the things in your life that you do not need so that you can focus on what you do. It is a wonderful blend to use when you need to calm down, but remain productive. 

Body– The Sahasrara blend is wonderful for your skin and respiratory system. This blend is an antiseptic, antibacterial powerhouse that is highly cleansing. Oily skin will benefit especially from Sahsrara. It is a wonderful blend to use in purifying the air in your home. 

Spirit– Sahasrara is a blend of highly protective plants. These are the most powerful purifying agents found in nature. It builds strength and confidence while banishing negativity. This blend is designed to help you meditate and align with your spirituality. It provides a safe space so you can open yourself to the Universe and know. 


Sahasrara vegan soap gets its purple hue from Alkanet root. Alkanet root is antibacterial, and soothing and softening to the skin. Oily skin will respond especially well to this soap. The essential oils in this blend are all indicated for improving skin health and appearance, as well as for hair loss. With the benefits Sahasrara vegan soap gives your hair it  would make a good shampoo bar.


The Sahasrara essential oil roll-on is a fantastic meditation tool. It will help you focus, center and calm you. It is also a good choice to cleanse ritual items and spaces. 


Sahasrara is the culmination of our energetic system. This is where we find the peace of self knowledge and true belonging. This belonging is more than just on this physical plane. This belonging is in the Universe. Sahasrara is the seat of our spirituality. Understanding ourselves, what we want, and where we are going is tough. It takes dedication to find your answers. Taking the time our brains and spirits need for this discovery is the essence of the Crown chakra. Taking the time to recover and process what is around us is vital to keeping this chakra system in balance. Make the time. In that space you will finally know.