Inner fire. Ambition. Drive. Motivation. Will. Vitality courses through your being. Free will ignites your inner furnace transposing it into action. These actions create the change you most need.  These actions achieve what you most desire. This furnace burns vibrantly within you. It is your inner sun. This furnace fuels your energy, self esteem, and strength. Manirpura is your furnace. 

“you can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.”

― Stephen King

Transforming You


Manipura, the solar plexus chakra is the next step on our journey through the energetic body. The word Manipura translates into the City of Jewels. Many consider this to be the most important chakra in the system. Muladhara, the root chakra, houses our physical needs. Svathisthasa, the sacral chakra, is where our passion, creativity, and self expression live. Manipura is where we finally start cooking and turn our passions into actions. Here we transpose our will into action that drives us to fulfill our  most authentic purpose. The lower chakras provide the gasoline. The upper chakras steer the directions we take. Manipura is where the means to act and the direction of those actions fuse into one.

Located just above your navel, Manipura is ruled by the fire element and the color yellow.  Manipura is all about transformation, both physically and energetically. The physical organs related to Manupura are the digestive organs. Manipura is the body’s energy powerhouse. Digestion transforms food into energy and usable nutrients. Manipura metabolizes energy and turns it into action.

Manipura Chakra Card

Signs of Balance

A strong self esteem is a key indicator of a balanced Manipura. When your solar plexus chakra is firing correctly you are full of vitality and strength. You simply exude self confidence. Your will is powerful and focused. You can clearly see the actions you need to get where you want to go. With that powerful clarity comes profound self assurance. Not only do you know what to do to get where you need to be, you have the energy and fearlessness needed to take those actions.

Manipura is the powerhouse of your soul. When the solar plexus chakra is balanced you have an abundance of energy.  The confidence to manifest the reality you most desire comes easily. Manipura not only  provides you with an abundance of energy, a healthy solar plexus chakra keeps your energy serving you. With a well balanced  Manipura you have healthy boundaries and balanced relationships. You have a strong sense of personal identity and you do not give your power away to others. 

Manipura governs organs in the digestive system. When this center is healthy your digestion is good. Your body  absorbs nutrients efficiently and effectively. You have all the energy you need and rarely suffer from fatigue or insomnia. Manipura also helps us regulate our body temperature. Ever consistently run too hot or too cold? An imbalance in the solar plexus area could be to blame. 

This reality sounds amazing and would be wonderful. Cheers to those who experience this everyday. For those of us that don't, how did we get here? What caused our Manipura to stop functioning efficiently? How do we spark our inner fire to bring it back into balance?

What Can Cause an Imbalance?

Balance of the energetic body requires all chakras to operate in harmony. An imbalance in the solar plexus chakra could not only be coming up from problems in the Muladhara or Svadhisthana chakras but can also be coming down from an imbalance in one of the upper chakras. Practices geared towards balancing all of your chakras should be looked at. A healthy, colorful diet is a wonderful place to start. 


As with all other chakras, imbalances occur in times of stress, trauma, and illness. For the Manipura specifically the main cause of imbalances stem from relationships. Manipura is all about power. Relationships are the number one area where we experience dysfunction in distribution of power. Not only can we give our power away, sometimes we are the ones taking power away from others. 

Before you fixate on your intimate relationships, how much power do you give to your boss, your family members, your friends?  Hell, how much power do you give away to your pets? How much of the energy you give to other people is serving your higher purpose? How much of the energy that you give to others is returned? This is an issue we all struggle with. Imbalances in relationships that don’t begin with a lower self esteem certainly erode a healthy self esteem over time.  In a minute we’ll explore some solutions and practices to bring your power back to you.

Manipura is most likely out of whack when you feel powerless. Feeling stagnant, or having no sense of direction in your life indicates your solar plexus can be suffering. Many people get stuck in a very rigid mentality, limiting both their potential and their possibilities.  One manifestation of this mentality is addictive behavior. An unbalanced Manipura can also lead to a victim mentality, as one cannot take responsibility for their own actions. On the other side of the coin, sometimes an out of balance Maniupra can manifest in overly aggressive or controlling behavior. This often presents as an unhealthy expression of anger. When your Manipura burns too hot for too long it can burn you up and lead to burnout. 


Physically illness occurring in the digestive system is another cause of imbalance in the solar plexus.  One of the main stressors to Manipura is chronic digestive diseases such as IBS, Crohn's, and even diabetes. If you suffer from any of these, proper management is imperative. As we’ll explore with this chakra, even more so than the others, a healthy diet and exercise is of utmost importance. 

I’m sure you’ll be shocked to learn that one of the main signs of an imbalance in Manipura is poor digestion. Some examples of issues that can arise  include IBS, constipation, acid reflux, ulcers, and diseases of the stomach, liver, and colon. On the other side of the coin, poor appetite and eating disorders can also be a sign of an imbalanced Manipura. If you suffer from one of the chronic issues listed above, giving your solar plexus chakra will need extra love. 

How to Mentally Balance the Solar Plexus Chakra

Give Yourself the Power

Manipura is all about empowerment. This energy center is all about taking actions that give you strength and fulfills your higher purpose. First sit down with yourself and ask the hard questions on what you want to do with your life. What will make you feel strong? What fulfills you? What do you need to do to get to the place you wanna be? 

These questions can bring on extremely large life changes. Never, however, underestimate the power of small changes. Everytime you give yourself a choice, no matter how small, you empower yourself. For me, the most empowering choice Im practicing is choosing to give myself a break. Choosing to prioritize self care has been a big redrawing of boundaries for me in my relationships with my loved ones, myself, and my myriad of jobs. Sometimes this means the laundry doesn’t get folded immediately. Sometimes it means a loved one has to wait a minute before I can give them my full attention. Sometimes it means I say no to a gig, even if I need the money. The ironic thing is, each time I choose me, it boosts my inner fire and self confidence. This in turn gives me strength to accomplish more, and to be more present for the interactions I have.

An important note on redrawing boundaries: it is going to create discomfort for you and those you are in relationships with. Beginning a new pattern, no matter how excited or empowered you are about it, is charting new territory. People will not know how to respond, and sometimes they will get hurt and angry. Stick to your guns. The territory after the turmoil is worth it. Saying no with love is something I, and I know, you struggle with.  The people that love you will be supportive, no matter how begrudgingly, in the end. If there are people in your life, however, that stay angry about it, those are relationships you are better off without. Yes, this even includes your job.

Try new things

Don’t label yourself or allow others to label you. Don’t follow your own made up narrative.  On;y you dictate what you choose to do or not do. Make sure your intentions and actions are serving you. We tend to be creatures of habit. Some of these habits leave us stuck in a rut. Our habits, while they can be comforting, are also stagnating. Choosing something new, once again no matter how small, stokes your inner fire and boosts your self confidence. 

Quitting smoking is extremely challenging. One of the most unexpected struggles I had quitting was one of identity. For years everyone, including me, labeled me as a smoker. I checked the box on medical intake forms, sat in the smoking section (when there was such a thing), took breaks in the smoking alley, and associated mainly with other smokers. So, if I’m not a smoker, what else will I be? Where will I hang out and with whom? The fact that I was perpetuating a habit I hated just because I told myself that’s what I was is not only insane, it was extremely debilitating. We all label ourselves. What diminishing labels to give yourself? Change them.

Another wonderful thing to do is look for little, or large, things you can change that irritate you, or don’t serve you as well as they could. This could be something as simple as re-organizing your pantry, or cleaning out your car. Got a drawer that’s sticking? Take the time to sit, figure out why, and fix it. 

Watch your language

Language is one of the easiest ways we sabotage our self worth. It is also telling where your power is truly going. If you’re struggling with “have to’s” and “expected’s”, and “need to’s”, there is a problem. This is the language of people giving their power away. What language do you use that undermines your inner fire? Change it.

You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to and it is truly all about perspective. Having to change my son's diapers was gross. Having the ability to care for and raise a healthy, happy boy is the most empowering thing I have ever done. Changing his diapers was necessary for having a healthy, happy boy. The action didn’t change.  I changed his diapers. The language, however, took me from being subservient to being the provider.

 I’m sure you say “I have to go to work”. What if, instead, you chose to go to work for the pride in providing quality work? I choose to work so that I can independently support myself and my family. This gives me the freedom I crave. I’m lucky enough to have a creative  job with wonderful people that gives me financial freedom. It wasn’t always so and the language I used to describe my pastworking life was one of “haves” and “expecteds” and was very telling in how diminished I was. Watching your language can not only shift our perspective, it can raise alarms against the habits we have that bleeds us dry. This means change.  What if you run into a situation that you truly hate, and saps your power? What if there is no other perspective than “have to”? If your job provides no satisfaction and an unlivable wage leave. There are other jobs. If you have a relationship that is one sided and you get no return from, disassociate. This is where it becomes scary. Taking small steps to boost your confidence and self worth help immensely. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but in the end it was spectacular. 

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Anything you can do to fulfill your own purpose strengthens Manipura. Some of us need big changes to step into our power. Some of us might need minor tweaks to keep our furnace bright. No matter where on that spectrum you lie, a single step in the right direction sparks your journey. Break tasks down into small manageable steps. The first step for most of us is as simple as sitting down and making a list of what we want. Even in this task you can choose to get a notebook to write down your options. Seriously, there is no step too small. Each step builds that inner fire and confidence more and more. The beauty is once you get to the larger steps you are more empowered to take sweeping actions. Taking on too big of chunks at one time can sabotage your efforts. You run the risk of not even starting. Set yourself up for success. Break that bad boy down and take the first step.

Use Your Body to Balance Manipura

Go Outside!

This will be in every article on balancing the chakra system. There is no medicine stronger for our energetic body than being in nature. Even in nature each chakra has its own unique sweet spot. For Manipura look at the fire element. Get out in the sun! Focus on feeling it’s warmth on your skin. Envision the sun in your solar plexus. Meditate on the power of the sun. You possess that same energy. Build a fire. Few will argue that there’s a more empowering act than building a successful campfire. 


Exercises that strengthen the core are your Manipura’s BFF. Focus your attention in that area and get it moving. This  will ignite your inner fire. Fast and powerful movements are wonderful for balancing the solar plexus chakra. Things like kickboxing or HIIT workouts boost both strength and confidence. Manipura is still a very physical chakra. Physically building strength boosts your confidence. Movement aids your digestion. Love your manipura and feed it with physical movement and exercise. 

There are highly beneficial yoga poses and exercises for Manipura. Navasana, or boat pose, is one that adds energy to your solar plexus. Spinal twists are a wonderful practice that will stimulate and cleanse your digestive organs. Warrior poses are wonderful as they add strength, confidence, and pride. Any balance pose, tree, dancer, star, floating half moon, and warrior 3 are all core exercises, and thus beneficial for Manipura. 


I know you’ll be surprised, but yellow foods boost Manipura. Lucky for us there are a TON of yummy yellow foods. Summer squash, corn, yellow peppers and yellow potatoes all would combine into a yummy stew. Add bonus points by lighting your inner fire even more by adding some heat to the mix. Yup, spicy foods also stoke Manipura into action. If you can handle the heat, use it! Lemons, bananas, mangos, apricots, pears, and pineapple are all vibrant, high energy, yellow foods. I may have just written my next smoothie recipe. 

Outside of yellow foods, high energy foods and foods that nourish the digestive system nourish Manipura. Think high energy, think carbs. Yup, carbs boost Manipura. These foods are the foods we need for fast energy. Now I’m not giving permission to go on a fatty deep fried beige food binge. Stick to healthy carbs. Oats are hands down one of the most versatile, and my personal favorites. Fiber is the other food that makes your digestive system, and hence your Manipura purr. Our American diet is notoriously low in fiber. Boost your fiber, boost your digestion, boost your energy. 

How to Spiritually Balance the Solar Plexus Chakra


Meditation is also another practice that will be in every chakra article. Remember in the introduction original texts about the chakra system refer to it as being a mental tool useful in meditation. For Manipura, meditating on your solar plexus and on the elements that govern it will bring balance. For the first time however, I will add pranayama as being beneficial for Manipura.

Pranayama is the practice of breath regulation. There are many wonderful guides and videos on these different practices. One beneficial pattern is to exhale twice as long as your inhales.  For example, if you inhale for a count of 4 exhale for a count of eight. This puts focus on your breath and gives attention to your diaphragm. Bhastrika Breath, or breath of fire, a kundalini yoga practice is also highly beneficial for Manipura. This is a very energetic breath pattern that is good for respiratory health and boosting prana.

Tools for Balancing Manipura


Citrine (some say this is the number one stone for Manipura)
Yellow Tourmaline
Tigers Eye
Yellow Quartz
Yellow Jasper


I am enough.

I have purpose.

I am confident.

I am powerful.

I am strong.

I can create positive change.

I am authentic.

I retain my power.

Essential Oils











Manipura Solar Plexus Chakra Products

Ginger, Frankincense, Rosemary, Anise, Lemongrass

Manipura is hot, like burning fire hot. I am happy to present a blend that matches that heat. This blend is designed to boost your confidence and light a fire under your butt. This is a get up and go oil. A carpe diem blend if you will. This is a powerful tool to use while balancing your Manipura. It also smells wonderful. 

Start your day with an empowering shower. Manipura comes as a vegan soap. Want the oil to use in meditation, or throughout the day as a reminder to hold on to your power? We have a roll on for you. No matter which format you choose, these magical plants have come together in a blend designed to support you. 

Manipur essential oil blend is an all natural, and organic blend of:

Ginger-  Ginger has earned the nickname the “Oil of Empowerment”. Just like the root it comes from ginger is warming and energizing. It promotes confidence and strength. Ginger dramatically increases circulation and is tops at soothing digestive issues. 

Frankincense- is often used in prayer in meditation. It can help slow down and deepen the breath. It is useful against stress and anxiety.

Rosemary- is a highly protective oil. Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Hebrews, and Romans used it for protection. It also improves memory. It boosts circulation, supporting our circulatory system and aids in digestion. Rosemary is also a nervine that helps us manage stress and heals the adrenals.

Anise-  is a warming oil that is traditionally used in Ayurveda for depression.

Lemongrass-  is a happy, citrusy oil that also promotes relaxation and relieves tension.


Mind- Manipura blend that is wonderful to help you focus. Maniura is all about This is a highly energizing blend, but is also calming. It is designed to give you the energy to get it done, without a lot of stress. Useless running around doesn’t benefit anyone and no one has time for it.

Body– This is an extremely warming that blend promotes circulation and digestion. 

Spirit– Empowerment, confidence, free will, energy, and transformation are the intentions behind the Manioura blend. Manipura is all about achieving your goals. This blend will help you get there. 

– Empowerment, confidence, free will, energy, and transformation are the intentions behind the Manioura blend. Manipura is all about achieving your goals. This blend will help you get there. 


Manipura Solar Plexus Chakra soap is all natural, nourishing, and vegan! This blend is transformative, empowering, and a god send for your self esteem. Each of these sunny oils was mindfully chosen and blended with intent. The aim is to get your solar plexus chakra roaring.

Manipura Chakra vegan soap is good for all skin types, especially oily skin.The chakra soaps come in our highly nutritive vegan base. It is cleansing, but in no way drying. Only the finest oils go into our soap base, and like always, we never use chemicals or synthetic ingredients. The Manipura chakra soap gets its color from a blend of Kaolin clay and turmeric.  Kaolin is a wonderful cleansing agent that gently and effectively removes toxins from the skin. Turmeric adds a natural glow to your skin, adding to natural radiance a balanced Manipura gives  you.


Manipura Solar Plexus Chakra essential oil roll on is an all natural, nourishing, and vegan! This blend boosts your confidence, self- esteem, and motivation. Each oil was mindfully chosen and blended with intent to harmonize the Solar Plexus chakra. Manipura essential oil roll-on is ideal to use with meditations. Apply to your solar plexus chakra for an energetic bump, or use with a daily mantra to get your confidence going. 

Find Your Fire

Manipura is our inner fire. It drives us, gives us purpose, empowers us, and governs our self esteem. Just as the food we eat gives us physical energy, Manipura sparks actions.  Having a balanced solar plexus chakra is vital to our self confidence. Stoke your fire. Make choices that empower you. Put in the work. Discover where you need to go and how to get there. It is hard. It is worth it. This is how you lead a life full of vitality, confidence, and purpose. Manipura is there to fuel your journey. Treat it right and you’re in for one hell of a ride.