Sitting on a beach next to an ocean always invokes a sense of wonder. The ocean's vastness and depth are awe inspiring. The amount of life and energy the ocean contains is staggering. All life originated in the ocean. The ocean's sheer immenseness can be overwhelming. Yet, listening to the waves crashing brings on calm and a deep inner peace. The ocean is a place we all seek when we need quiet solace, guidance, and to be nurtured. The ocean is equally a place of power and destruction. Coastal flooding, typhoons, and hurricanes are the most costly natural disasters in both life and money.  The ocean is powerful. The ocean is peaceful. The ocean is nurturing. The ocean is Yemaya. 

What is she?

Yemaya, the Ocean Mother Goddess, is one of the most powerful and sought after loas in Voodoo. She is also one of the most powerful orishas in Santeria. In the Yoruba tradition she is considered the greatest deity. She is the mother of everything.  It is an honor to now include her into our little pantheon of products. I hope you all love her as much as I do. This loa, in particular, is near and dear to my heart. 

Who is Yemaya?

Yemaya is the epitome of feminine maternal.  In Vodou, she is associated with the Virgin Mary. She is a powerful healer of all things emotional. She nurtures self-love, emotional healing, and prosperity for all of her children. Yemaya is the champion for all who feel lost or lonely. She provides solace for everyone. As the goddess of home, fertility, family, and love, she is sought after to provide emotional or material stability in the home. She ensures prosperity for her children emotionally and materially. 

Yemaya is a patron of women, especially during pregnancy. She ensures a safe delivery for both mother and baby. As a ruler of water she is invoked to heal illnesses associated with water. These include pneumonia, and problems associated with the kidneys and urinary tract. 

Yemaya not only gives love and protection to women and the urinary system. She rules everything associated with the sea. She is the patron of sailors and fishermen. She ensures their safe return home and protects them from drowning. 

Flip Side of Yemaya





Yemaya, just like the ocean, can move from tranquil to typhoon. She is fiercely protective of her children and will cause vast destruction in order to protect them. Yemaya is just like the fierce mama bear that will slay those that threaten her family. She fearlessly wields a great machete waging war to protect her children. 



Symbols and Offerings

Yemaya veve

Admittedly, the warrior aspect of Yemaya is a departure from the demure persona of the Virgin Mary, her synchronized Catholic saint. In Santeria she is associated with Our Lady of Regla.

Anything from the ocean is an appropriate offering to Yemaya. She is often given seashells, seaweed, or sand. Never offer her fish, however, as they are her children. Yemaya is also fond of sweet things like melons or syrup. Molasses and cane sugar are amongst her favorites. Her colors are blue, white, and silver. 


V is For Voodoo Blend

The Yemaya blend is a creamy, soft fragrance consisting of marjoram, benzoin, basil, and spearmint. This blend of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils invoke all the nurturing and blessings a mother bestows to her children.  The warm, slightly spicy marjoram is at the heart of this blend. At the bottom sits the vanilla-like benzoin. Basil and Spearmint each top off this blend with a fresh green note. The overall effect is soothing, relaxing, and, well nurturing.

The sweet and spicy marjoram is the star of this show. This is the number one oil to reduce stress, anxiety, and help with insomnia. Marjoram is a calming and comforting anti-inflammatory. It helps with mental exhaustion, eases sorrow, and promotes healing within the home. Marjoram is a good choice to create a foundation of security and happiness at home. It is also a good oil to choose when seeking change in your life as it boosts confidence needed to make prosperous changes and renew your purpose in life. Physically, marjoram is a powerful anti- inflammatory and antispasmodic. This makes it a good choice to help with sinusitis, headaches, coughs, bronchitis, muscle spasms, hypertension, and arthritis. 

The base of this blend is the magical benzoin. This euphoric balsamic resin is highly reminiscent of warming, comforting vanilla. It is traditionally used as a fixative in fragrances. Benzoin is another solid choice for clearing negativity to promote prosperity. It is another choice that can improve focus and inspiration. 


Basil is an uplifting herbaceous oil that combats stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Basil is calming to the nervous system, yet improves focus and concentration. It is a euphoric oil that is helpful in combating mild depression, anxiety, and mental fatigue. Some say it even boosts happiness, confidence, and strength. Basil is a wonderful choice when trying to clear negativity from the home. Use it as a beacon to attract comfort, peace, and prosperity for your home. As an antimicrobial and antispasmodic oil it is also useful to treat coughs, colds and flu, insect bites, and sinus congestion. 

Spearmint is a spicy, herbaceous oil that improves memory and encourages inspiration. The menthol it contains is also cooling and relaxing. Spearmint stimulates the mind. It also  encourages  vitality, healing, and growth.


Our Yemaya blend  promotes self-love, emotional healing, stability, and prosperity.  It brings out the best in us and encourages us to live our most prosperous, healthy lives. Basically, everything your mother would want for you. All of these oils are strong antidepressants and ease anxiety. This is a calming blend that also promotes productivity, confidence, and creativity. 

You can benefit from this blend in the form of our Aromatic roll-ons, which is a 10% essential oil blend diluted  in a carrier of apricot and jojoba oil. This blend also comes in a Lather vegan soap incarnation. Yemaya Lather contains sea salt to help detox and nourish your skin. Kaolin clay is also included in Yemaya vegan soap. This is a light exfoliant and balancing agent.


Yemaya the Voodoo Ocean Mother Goddess is the inspiration for our new loa blend. It channels the soothing and healing power of the ocean. If you are in need of some maternal nurturing this one is for you. This blend was designed to promote well-being, self-love, comfort, and peace. These oils are known to provide clarity in growth. This blend was designed with the best gifts mothers have to offer her children. I am so very excited and honored to have her in our product line. I really love her. I know you will too.