Baron Samedi, the rowdy reveler rules over the Ghede family of spirits. The Ghede are the sacred dead. To find out more about the Ghede and their festival here’s more information about Fet Gede. Master of the cemetery, deliverer of justice, and a powerful healer Baron Samedi has it all. He even has a stunningly powerful wife, Maman Brigitte.

Who is Baron Samedi

Baron Samedi, God of death, is typically depicted with a skeleton face, a top hat, and sunglasses. Most of the time one of his lenses is missing so that he can look at the world of the living and the dead at the same time. Sometimes he is depicted with cotton plugs in his nostrils, as this is how bodys in Haiti are prepared to be buried.


As mentioned in the article about Fet Gede, the Baron and the ghede family of spirits distill down into the word excess. There’s never enough revelr, food, drink, sex, or dancing. Since the dead are not bound to the same fear and behavioral standard the living are, the ghede really know how to live it up, and at the forefront, putting on the biggest to do is usually the Baron.


When to seek Baron Samedi's help

Saying that the Baron is just the charming head of the Ghede, and god of death is an understatement. Baron Samedi is also a very powerful healer. He is sought after to heal mortal illness, especially in children. One cannot die if the Baron refuses to dig their grave after all. If the Baron finds that death unjust he will not dig their grave, and no matter how ill the person was, they will recover.


The Baron is also in charge of ensuring the dead stay in the ground and do not return as a zombi. For this zombi prevention program the Baron normally requires payment. This can be as simple as some rum, or a cigar, or possibly some coffee. Other times he may wish his followers wear his favorite colors, black, purple, and white.


The Baron and the ghede family are also patron spirits of fertility. The Baron has a wife, Maman Brigitte. This does not, however, prevent him from chasing mortal women around. If you are trying to conceive the Baron can be a powerful ally. The Baron and his clan are also infamous for being crude, lewd, and loud.

How to seek the Baron's help

In ceremonies honoring the Baron his preferred offerings are black coffee, plain bread, dry toast, or roasted peanuts. Since the dead are oh so very cold he drinks rum infused with very hot peppers. The Baron is also a fan of toys, the more macabre the better.

Fun Baron Samedi Trivia

The Baron is a pretty cool cat. So much so that he appears in pop culture quite often. I’ve mentioned it before but if you saw American Horror Story Season 3, Coven, “Papa Legba” was a featured character. Papa Legba is normally depicted as an old man with a limp, a cane, and a straw hat. If you saw the show, you know, that’s not what he looked like. Baron Samedi, however, is normally depicted with a top hat and a skill like face.

The Baron's favorites:

Color Black, also red and purple

Day: 2 November, Day of the Dead

Synchronized with: Saint Expedite

Patronage: Death, gravestones, cemeteries, ancestors,, obscenities, healing, smoking, drinking, disruption, alcohol.

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