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The Mother

Discover the Power of the Mother Energy

When faced with family problems and relational conflicts, the Mother is the energy you should seek. She holds the key to patience, compassion, and the strength needed to handle conflicts confidently and fairly. With the Mother's guidance, you'll never be taken advantage of, as she helps you establish healthy boundaries with your loved ones.

Moreover, the Mother provides nurturing support when you find yourself neglecting self-care. She is a constant reminder that you are cared for and connected to everything around you. Embrace her presence, and she will encourage you to be kind to yourself and engage in acts of self-love.

In moments of uncertainty and vulnerability, the Mother reminds us that it's okay not to have all the answers or to fall short of the impossible ideal. She encourages us to embrace our true selves rather than strive for unrealistic expectations. Whenever you struggle with body issues or feelings of inadequacy, call upon the Mother's energy for compassionate support and the strength to embrace your vulnerabilities.

The Mother's influence extends beyond personal challenges; she is also the energy you should channel when pursuing creative endeavors. As the giver of life, she breathes vitality into all your undertakings, making her the perfect ally for moments of transformation.

Introducing the Mother Essential Oil Blend - Roll-on

The Mother essential oil blend is carefully crafted to provide balance and support. Its unique combination of calming and motivating scents brings a sense of peace while igniting creative energies. The herbal fragrance, with hints of marjoram and coriander representing the lushness of Gaia and the spiciness of black pepper, exudes an air of warmth and comfort. Myrrh adds its own ancient wisdom to the blend, creating a harmonious aroma that aids focus and soothes the senses.

The Mother features a proprietary blend of 100% therapeutic-grade essential oils:

Coriander, a calming oil, offers a mental reprieve and even acts as an aphrodisiac. Balancing emotions and reducing stress and anxiety

Black Pepper balances emotions and can help reduce stress and anxiety.

Marjoram, known as the mother of herbs, brings comfort and relief from stress and insomnia, nurturing your well-being.

Myrrh adds its warming and emotionally balancing qualities, alleviating anxiety and fear.

The Mother essential oil roll-on incorporates the power of two crystals to enhance its benefits. Aventurine promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual balance, while Tiger's Eye, known as the stone of courage, boosts confidence and strength.

A Versatile Tool for Self-Care and Protection

The Mother blend is a wonderful tool for self-care, providing a soothing embrace akin to a mother's love. It banishes self-doubt and anxiety, assuring you that you are enough and loved. Additionally, this protective blend features potent plants that repel negative energies, safeguarding your space from any unwanted influences.

The Mother energy is always available to you, offering boundless love, compassion, and creativity. She accepts you for who you are and fiercely defends those she cares for, just like a protective mother bear. Let her remind you that we are all part of the same family, connected through her eternal love and understanding.


Apricot Kernel Oil *, Jojoba Oil*
Essential Oil Blend of: Coriande*r, Black Pepper*, Marjoram*, Myrrh

* Organic
Stones: Aventurine, Tiger’s Eye

Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. For external use only.
10 ml, 1/3 fl oz.

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