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Designed and crafted by a certified professional aromatherapist and LMT.


*All Natural* *Chemical Free* *Paraben Free*

*Cruelty Free* *Palm Oil Free* *Sustainable*

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Voodoo Lather

Meet V is For Voodoo's line of Loa inspired, cold processed, exfoliating, sustainable, cruelty free, all natural vegan soap. We use magical ingredients and make magical products.

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Ready to Wear

Voodoo Aromatic

Ready to wear, and convenient to carry, take the power of these loa blends with you wherever you go with Voodoo Aromatic essential oil roll-ons.

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100% Therapeutic Grade

Voodoo Essence

Meet the most concentrated for of my Loa blends. With Voodoo Essences you choose your adventure with the loa. Use in a diffuser or to dress a candle neat. Blend with a carrier for a massage oil or bath. With Voodoo Essences your imagination is the only limit.

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Voodoo Goo

Meet V is For Voodoo's line of plant based all natural salves. These botanical salves are hydrating, nourishing, sustainable, chemical and cruelty free.

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Herbal Goodness

Tattoo Juju

Tattoo Juju tattoo is our most badass healing salve. Packed with vitamins, anti-inflammatories, the most powerfully healing plants and essential oils nature offers, this tattoo aftercare salve won't let you down. The texture is smooth, and easy to apply.

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Chakra Healing

Chakra Series

These seven essential oil blends will vibe with each of your chakras. Ground with Muladhara, or stoke your inner fire with Manipura. Each is available in a vegan soap or a ready to wear essential oil roll-on.

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The Perfect Gift

Gris- Gris Bag

Give the gift of magic with our gris-gris bag gift sets. Customize your perfect gift for you or your loved ones. Choose from petite, regular, or jumbo!

The Divine Feminine Fund Raiser
60% of Sales raise money to preserve Indiginous teachings and ceremony!

The 3 Tenets of V is For Voodoo's All Natural Body Products

Think about this. When you eat something it goes into your digestive system. It then goes to your cells via your bloodstream. Likewise, when you put something onto your skin it is absorbed into your bloodstream and taken to your cells. This is how things like steroid creams and muscle rubs work. No matter how something goes into your body it all ends up in the same place.

OK, your skin doesn’t let everything in. Also, there are rules that outline what is safe to use. But, just because a rule says something is safe doesn't make it true. These rules are often recalled. Aspartame, Yaz. . . anyone? Besides, even small exposure to harmful things add up over time and can create big problems. A death of a thousand cuts is a very real thing.

There are safety concerns surrounding some common ingredients used in body care products. Parabens and SLSs are good examples. Most of these ingredients are filler. They make products cheaper. Some of these questionable components act as preservatives. Others only add cosmetic benefits to the product. Ingredients in body care products should benefit you, not the bar of soap! V is For Voodoo is passionate that if an ingredient is not benefiting you it shouldn't be in product. 

This leads me to the second tenet we follow at V is For Voodoo.

V is For Voodoo has a holistic philosophy to body care products. First off, we use great care when choosing our ingredients. In fact, we choose nothing but magical ingredients. Plants! 

Plants are completely magical! This is why all our products are completely plant based. Did you know that plants produce countless phytochemicals? A single plant can contain hundreds, if not thousands of them.

Plants are creating their own magic potions. When used in its entirety, magical things happen. Sure, we can isolate and synthesize single components out of these combinations. We have the technology. This is how we make most of our medications, like Aspirin. When we isolate these components, they are less effective than when used in the whole combination. Here's an analogy; celery and gumbo. When included in gumbo celery is powerful. Celery without gumbo is just useless. . . and evil. That's only an opinion.

Nature is the master craftsman at creating magical combinations. This is why V is For Voodoo doesn't use synthesized components or derivatives. You can pronounce everything on our labels because use only holistic ingredients! Man cannot create the same powerful combinations nature can. Why mess with perfection? 

Testimonial time! As a professional wig and makeup artist I have many opportunities to torture my skin. We use a lot of chemicals in this industry. . . everyday. I spent long hours covered in rubbing alcohol, acetone, hairspray, prosthetic adhesive, removers, and god knows what else. Soaps and lotions made with synthetic chemicals and fillers didn't fix anything. All natural body products made with holistic, quality ingredients did.

It is our mission to produce high quality body care products using holistic ingredients. Every part of these products benefit the user. Our all natural body care products do more than look pretty or smell nice. Make no mistake, they do both of these. Our products are nourishing and hydrating. When used regularly you will notice a difference!

This leads to our third and final tenet:



One aspect of do no harm means the safety of our customers. Natural does not mean safe. In fact some of the chemicals plants produce are very harmful. We have a very healthy respect for plants. The safety for our customers is our first priority. Thus, NAHA, AIA, and IFRA ethics, safety standards, and guidelines are always followed. Plants are powerful. They should be respected!

The second aspect of do no harm is sustainability. Our all-natural body products are sustainably manufactured and packaged. Thus all ingredients we use are sustainably sourced from ethical suppliers. We never use at risk or endangered plants. Also, all packaging is reusable and recyclable. We never use plastics. Furthermore, we are cruelty free. The only animals our products are ever tested on are consenting human friends and family.

Combined, these three tenets mean:

V is For Voodoo products are:

* Plant Based and All-natural

Fragranced exclusively with 100% essential oil blends

* Sustainably manufactured and packaged

* Cruelty free

* Handcrafted in the USA

V is For Voodoo products are free of:

* Harsh Chemicals

*  Parabens, phthalates, and SLS's


*Palm Oil 


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