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Introducing the Svadhisthana Sacral Chakra soap - a truly natural, nourishing, and vegan delight! This blend is specifically crafted to offer a calming oasis, relieving stress and tension, while boosting self-confidence and igniting the flow of creativity. Each oil has been carefully selected and blended with the sole purpose of harmonizing the sacral chakra.

Bergamot - With its essential role in clearing out negative emotions, Bergamot becomes a valuable asset in manifesting the strength required to face challenging situations. This warm, happy, and protective oil also lends its power in reducing anxiety and stress, and recent studies suggest it may aid in relieving mild depression.

Grapefruit - Prepare to bask in the happiness that Grapefruit brings, as its bright, citrusy scent effectively balances emotions and elevates self-confidence. This joyous oil is synonymous with radiance and kindness, making it a delightful addition to this chakra blend.

Lavender - Known for its magical qualities, Lavender is a versatile oil that brings balance to any chakra. Fostering inspiration and clearing negativity, it also facilitates harmonious relationships. Moreover, Lavender proves beneficial in calming tension, anxiety, and even insomnia, soothing your mind and spirit.

Clary Sage - A true master in sparking creative inspiration, Clary Sage invites you to delve deeper into yourself, seeking clarity, beauty, and boundless creativity. Its presence in this blend empowers you to explore your inner world and unlock the wellspring of your imagination.

Ylang Ylang - A balancing oil, Ylang Ylang plays a significant role in emotional healing and also doubles as a potent aphrodisiac, igniting passion and allure. For those seeking relief from panic attacks, Ylang Ylang stands as a reliable ally, offering comfort and reassurance.

Benzoin - Embrace the uplifting power of Benzoin as it clears negativity and becomes your steadfast companion in seeking emotional healing. With its unwavering support, you'll find a renewed sense of clarity and emotional well-being.

The Svadhisthana chakra soap is further enhanced with the goodness of Turmeric, not only lending the soap its vibrant color but also bestowing it with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Say goodbye to wrinkles and dermatitis, as this marvelous spice expedites wound healing, leaving your skin rejuvenated.

Svadhisthana Chakra vegan soap is ideal for all skin types, particularly beneficial for dry skin. Our chakra soaps are enriched with our highly nutritive vegan base, cleansing your skin without causing dryness. Just as always, we uphold our commitment to using only the finest oils, avoiding chemicals and synthetic ingredients. 

For an even more potent experience, pair the Svadhisthana essential oil roll-on with this magnificent soap. Together, they create a harmonious symphony, guiding you toward balance and serenity. At V is For Voodoo, we take pride in crafting products that not only enhance your well-being but also respect the sanctity of nature. Embrace the nurturing power of Svadhisthana Sacral Chakra soap and embrace the vibrant energy of your sacral chakra!


Water. Coconut Oil*. Sunflower Oil*, Shea Butter*, Olive Oil*, Sodium Hydroxide, Sal Butter, Hemp seed Oil* Turmeric. Essential Oil Blend of: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lavender, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, Benzoin


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Damballa, Papa Legba, Marie Laveau, Maman Brigitte, Baron Samedi, Ezrulie, Simbi Anpaka


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