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You can't go wrong with either. Whether you prefer the lighter, silkier Blessed Balm, or the more intense Miracle Salve is up to you.

Miracle Salve

Miracle Salve is the flagship product for V is For Voodoo. This product is sworn to by hikers, and campers. For people with tortured or dry skin this is the go-to. Miracle Salve has been tried and tested against the harshest of conditions and climates. This is the most potent plant based all natural salve in the line. If it would take a miracle to help your skin, this is the Goo for you.

Blessed Balm

Blessed Balm is Miracle Salves lighter, silkier little sister. Suitable for everyday use, this is my personal go-to Goo. Blessed Balm has regenerative and anti- aging properties. This salve is a great choice for all skin types. It is especially beneficial for mature skin.

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Weight.15 lbs
Dimensions2.62 × 2.62 × 1 in
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Miracle Salve, Blessed Balm


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